Find Your Voice
Private Coaching with Robbi

Who are you REALLY? What do YOU have to say to the world?

When I was a little girl, people would ask me,
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Of course they meant, "a Nurse? Teacher? or Mommy?"
My answer was always the same,
"I want to have a Voice."

See, my mom died of breast cancer when I was three years old. My Dad had a damn, rough road. Two baby girls, he chose (like the hero he was,) to retire early from the Marines and take care of me and my sister.

I cannot imagine the real courage it took this LifeTime Soldier to make this decision. But he did. And it was rough. He had a LOT on his plate, and probably a LOT of voices inside his confused head.

So what do you think was the voice that was most practical to sweep aside? His littlest girl's voice....he just didn't have time to listen.  And, like every child, I so desperately needed to be heard....)

My amazing Dad had WAY too many things to deal with as a widower trying to make his way. And being ignored hurt me, yes. Yet I realize, at that time, my Daddy did all he had to do to keep us safe and warm and dry....

But I wanted to SCREAM,
"Listen to Me! I MATTER! I matter!"

Our creativity is stifled everyday— from within and by those who most love us! Friends and family wanna  keep you SAFE from harm, and most assuredly from those scary, CRAZY, creative IDEAS of yours!

So its really important to me for YOU to know; You Matter to Me.
I know that Your Voice Matters to the World. 

Who will listen to your new ideas without judgment, and only support? Who will embrace you and your new ideas? Who will help you LIVE a larger, more OUT LOUD, a more authentic LIFE?

So who can YOU share your secret desires with? Do you want to paint, draw, sing, dance? Do you want more spontaneity in your life? Wanna fuel that secret desire?

And I'll share a secret: if your loved ones are not FULLY experiencing their own creativity and freedom, then how in the heck can they support YOU as you yearn for MORE from LIFE?

You need a confidant. A cheerleader. A guide. Everyone does. How do you find support, exercises, new learning, practices?

I've been doing this full-time, creative thing for a very long time (since 1994), and even I STILL have my hand-holders - the women who make sure I stay on track with my business and art. (Thank you Eva, Ivri, Alison, Marcy, Sandi, Patty).

Guess what? You found the right person to support your wanderings, these secret crazy dreams of your heart. Me!

I commit to valuing you, your voice, and that nutty, crazy, dangerous, super FUN, little girl inside you who wants to come out and play!

And I'm gonna stoke her creative, fierce little fire~ In fact, now you've got your very own FireStarter!

The BIGGEST LIE is that if we're strong, we are supposed to do it all by ourselves! Guess what. That is a Super-Lie. No 'Great' person of ANY kind does it on her own.

It is next to impossible to support ourselves in our creative dreams. That's just the way it is.

That's where I come in. I'm your coach. I will teach you to not only develop your own creativity, but how to make a supportive team out of everyone around you...and hopefully, help them find their own voices by YOUR example.

How would it feel for YOU to be Muse to your own children, family, friends, and community? I swear, you can do it!

You and I will commit to each other; into delving deeply into YOUR passions, your possibilities, your obstacles and fears.

You'll learn to nurture your inner Inner Artist.

With weekly calls, customized homework (read- super fun activities!), you’ll become more authentic, inspired, empowered! And in a super-yummy way.

Joy. Fun. Creativity. Play.
(Yikes!-- you mean you are allowed?)

Yup. Here we go. A happier, healthier, no-longer-ignoring-yourself-because-everyone-else-is-more-important-than-you-YOU!

I got you, Sister.
Lets Do This. Together.
All my Love,

What Clients Say About Coaching With Ro...

I had the pleasure of spending an entire Saturday afternoon at Robbi Firestone’s Vision Journaling Workshop. Wow. Just wow. I highly recommend this workshop to any woman who is in that in-between-space of wanting to find some clarity and focus. I feel so much more intentional and clear about bringing into my life the right relationships — both personal and professional. This is NOT a “scrapbooking” class. This is way deeper. I felt as though I was opening up myself to allowing art to flow through me. I felt encouraged, inspired and energized as Robbi guided and facilitated the workshop. It was intimate, joyful and empowering. I don’t say these words as a cliche. I knew this would be a sacred, special time set aside to see some things clearly that I’ve been pushing down. The workshop exceeded my expectations in ways I could not imagine. Did I mention spiritual? Yes, it was deeply spiritual and my eyes had a few tears more times than I care to admit. I can’t wait to spend another afternoon continuing on with the beautiful book I’ve started. Thank you Robbi from the bottom of my heart. You are called to do this very special work and God’s hand is all over it.

Carole Baker