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Empowering Women to Access and Embolden their Innate Creativity Personally, and Professionally.
Robbi Firestone
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Ro inspires us to dream bigger than we thought we ever could, and to believe in ourselves. Thank you so much Robbi for giving me so much to look forward to!

Aqsa Khan

I experienced a transformation! I learned that expression can be fun, and without a therapist's bill! I could not think of a way to enhance the experience; Ro is a great teacher….don't mess with perfection.

Renita Curtis

I’ll come again! Letting go can be challenging for me. Robbi encouraged us to be open, and just do what feels right; to follow that feeling. She started off by closing our eyes and releasing any tensions and the worries of the day to be 100% present. She guided us the perfect amount, and showed us new ways of seeing and feeling….

Cynthia Baldanodo

I had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend at Robbi Firestone's Retreat. Wow. Just wow. I highly recommend her coaching to any woman wanting clarity and focus. Now I feel so much more intentional and clear about bringing into my life the right relationships -- both personal and professional. Robbi helped me feel as though I have opened myself to allowing life to flow through me.

I felt encouraged, inspired and energized as Robbi coached. It was intimate, joyful and empowering. I don't say these words as a cliche. I knew this would be a sacred, special time set aside to see some things clearly that I've been pushing down. Did I mention spiritual? Yes, it was deeply spiritual and my eyes had a few tears more times than I care to admit. Thank you Robbi from the bottom of my heart. You are called to do this very special work and God's hand is all over it.

Carole Baker

There is nothing quite like women getting raw and honest together! It's just juicy! Thank you Robbi!

Lisa Baker

Fabulous! thank you Robbi for creating such an amazing, trusting container for us all to express the Truth of who we are and share with one another.

Gayle Dillon

Thank you so much for a grand time last night! After yoga class this morning I was sharing the experience of the meeting last night. One of my friends said, "Lisalou, you are ALREADY a wild and untethered woman!" I agreed but said I LOVE being around OTHER wild and untethered women. Thank you for providing your leadership, expertise and a setting for such wonderful conversation and growth.

Cannot wait until the next gathering!

With gratitude, Lisa Reed

Working with Robbi Firestone is an extremely powerful experience...because the mind has a harder time censoring images than it does editing words. When I choose a picture, especially if it is one of art or photography, the image is already closer to the dream state. My soul begins speaking in paragraphs rather than words. She reminds me of what is important to me, and what makes me happy.

Karla Urevig Masters in Teaching